Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday wants !!

So my 19th birthday is next Tuesday (25th)! I decided I would post the stuff that people can't really get me .. all my wants .. Starting off - is my favorite thing in the world to buy, and that is undies!! By Victoria Secret. All on their site-

Next, is stuff from some of my favorite stores: American Eagle clogs $34.50, I bought clogs a few weeks ago from Marshalls by American Eagle, and I love them! Im a size 8 1/2 - 9. Hollister Hobson sweat pants $24.90 (In Grey). Hollister pj's $30, I would probably be a medium-large. Hollister sweater $38.90 a medium-large. (I like my pj's and sweaters to be a little bigger).American Eagle, Old Navy, Hollister, & Target giftcards are nice, too!
Next is two dog books by Rachel Hale. I know Snog is at Target for under $15.00. 101 Salivations you can get on Amazon. I have 101 Cataclysms and I love it! It's just photo's of different kittens and cats. Sooo adorable! The perfect gift for an animal lover.

Ok, so here's the Priceyyy stuff ! The Nikon D-40 is the one camera I have been lusting for . But a smaller camera would be nice, too. (I dropped mine in the FL Keys, and now im forced to use my parents). The Nikon S52c is nice, and is $200.00 at Costco. A new laptop, well.. my own laptop. (Im using this as an excuse for college) Hehe. There's one at Costco for $629.00 after $50.00 off. (Limited time offer). Anddd a Vizio LCD HDTV would be nice. There's a 32" one at Costco for $450.00. Did I mention this could also be X-Mas Gifts as well ???

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