Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Funday

Over the weekend, my boyfriend, my dog, and I decided to get out and enjoy this amazing weather we've been having here in Pennsylvania. We got on the road and headed towards Ricketts Glen State Park. It's a gorgeous park with lots to do; you can hike, swim, fish, relax, bike ride, have a picnic, do whatever, it's just a really nice park. But it does get packed in the summer, so the best thing to do to avoid people is go on the long hike, I'm talking a 7.5 mile if not more, hike! This hike is beautiful, there are 22 waterfalls. There aren't many people on the hike just because it takes a lot of body and skill to complete the whole thing, one second your walking down slippery stone steps, the next your climbing up big rocks... let me just say, I busted my ass, along with the dog. It was nice, every few steps we'd stop and let Max play in the stream pools, I got my feet wet, but it was chilly! There were quite a few dogs on the hike, some were little dogs being carried by their owners that looked as if they were going to pass out... like I said, it's a long, hard, skilled hike, please don't attempt the whole thing if you are not in shape! It's a great hike, just make sure if your going on a hike longer then 2 and half hours, bring an Apple, or some Almonds to keep ya going, water is a must, too!
It always feels great to get out on the weekends!