Thursday, September 30, 2010

Simple, comfy, stylish.

Here's my look of the day: It's simple, comfy, and stylish. ______________________________

Shirt JCPenny (lingerie tank), Old Navy cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft pants, Old Navy Flip-flops, Target Bag, and Bracelet from a boutique.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's talk BOOTS!

As you all know .. I found my perfect boots for only $6.99 'new' at a Thrift Store in Charleston SC. But my mom on the other hand, hasn't found her pair.. which kinda stinks, but thankfully the 'coolness' hasn't actually hit us yet, so she has time! She is looking for vintage, used looking, mid-calf/to knee cowboyish boots. If you know of any great places or sites please leave a comment and let me know! (Oh and if they are around $80 or less, that'd be realllllly nice!) Anyways, since we are on the subject of boots here are some i'm liking right now! Align CenterCome dream with me. . .
Shopbop Boots Forever21 Boots Sundance Boots

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's just go..

I decided to go kayaking when I got home from work, so I made my little brother load up and we headed down the street. Thankfully we made it out there while the sun was going down, and let me just say, the sky was beautiful! 'I loveeee fall sunsets'! We also saw a lot of shrimper's going out, throwing their cast nets.. it was really neat. Just look at these amazing pictures! Oh yeah, and the cute little Beagle Mix is still there, along with new kittens! There is one kitten that is just so tiny, I named it 'Runt', it's the little guy in the picture below. And don't worry, even though they are strays, they are definitley getting food from all the boaters! And I brought them dog food and kitty food, and fresh water! So they are doing okay-and yes, the dog still thinks it's a cat!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The right hottie.. okay hotties!

Okay okay okay. . so I was watching The Devil Wears Prada the other day, and while I was watching it.. I started thinking, "wow, there are some really good looking men in this movie". Which made me start thinking, who are some hot 'men' actors? Well ladies- here's some of my favorites! Now now, don't go too crazy! What actor do you find sexy?
My all time favorite hottie, Paul Walker.Adam Brody.Ian Somerhalder.Penn Badgley.Kevin Costner.James Franco.Bradley Cooper.Zac Efron.Ryan Reynolds.Simon Baker.Daniel Sunjata.
Annnd I wanted to tell everyone I am sooo happy I have '51' followers! I looked last night and I had Fifty, this morning I came on and I had Fifty-one! So thank you all very much for following me! My goal is to get at least '78' followers by the end of the year.. so hopefully you guys can help me out! :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Almost Fall Trends-

Looks like some people are starting to wear their fall clothes! Which makes me soo happy! I cannot wait to wear my new boots I got a few days ago, along with sweaters, and jeans! Here are some pictures I found from Glamour Magazine- these ladies are ready for fall!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Finds!

Today was a really fun day of going to Yard Sales! There was a community yard sale in Habersham, if you read Coastal Living, or Southern Living, or even Better Homes, they always advertise Habersham. It's a really nice community. And if you have been following my blog- I always post pictures of their pool! (Which I love going to!) Anyways, they had a really fun yard sale! I got a canvas rug, a silverware tray, two really cute antique wire baskets, a ring, an apple painting, and a dog frame. Then we went to a few more yard sales and there was nothing! So we headed to the Farmer's Market, and got a lot of tasty veggies, and some pretty plants! Then on the way back home we stopped by Habersham for one more go-around. And we found an Elephant lamp, a metal Pelican picture art-deco, and a free small pet carrier (which is perfect for my Guinea Pig, Chloe'!)
And while we went to the garbage dump earlier, there was a man throwing away adorable wedges! One pair was new from Charlotte Russe, the other was used, but still cute. Unfortunately they are size ten.. and I am a size 81/2-maybe a 91/2.
Anyways, take a look at my pictures! I hope you love them!
Apple painting $1Ring .50Silverware tray .25Dog picture frame $2Antique Wire Baskets $1 eachPineapple Canvas Rug $2Elephant $4Pelican Art $4Free Little Carrier for Chloe'
Some Good Stuff Huh?