Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I was born & raised in the boondocks-Little Big Town

 You just have to love fresh vegetables from your local Farmer's Market.
That's all that was in this soup:
Yellow Squash,
Okay and maybe I threw in some Chick Peas (that were canned).
And all I added for seasoning was:
 a vegetable cube,
and a little Garlic Powder.
Mmmmhmm! Truthfully it didn't even need any seasonings, it was so rich in flavor just from all the veggies!
Oh and a reminder: sautee' your onions for a few minutes, to give it extra flavor!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

She's a dirty dirty dancer- Enrique Iglesias

                  Have you ever gone into a store, came across gorgeous high heels, and said to yourself "I just have to have those"?
Well, I do that in almost every store I go in, but I usually leave empty handed.
Not this time!
I just had to have these gorgeous heels!
They are by Jessica Simpson, can she design heels or what; I love almost all of her footwear.
Okay, now this is the great part, they were only $29.99!
Gotta love Marshalls.. they were over around $100 before.
I am in love with them!
I just had to have them!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Come on Homeboy- Eric Church

Today was another family adventure! We used to go on these all the time when I was younger, you never knew where you were going to end up, but wherever you did end up, ended up being a great place!
Today we headed hours up the road, passing small towns, lot's of fields, crops, pastures, cows and horses..stopped on the side of the road and got two Watermelons, and we ended up going to Blackville. We found a Spring, so we got out our jugs, (noooooot those kind of jugs!), and started filling them up with some of the best tasting water I think I have ever tried! It was so crisp, and cold. It felt filling. I was totally rejuvenated by it! We all kinda just sat around the spring, drinking water, and talking to locals who were coming to fill up their jugs of water.
After that we headed to Aiken SC, ate at good ol' Ryan's, dad loves to eat there. It's a big country buffet, for all of you who do not live in the south.. you eat a lot of starch, you can throw a salad in there, and don't forget the ice cream!
After Aiken, we headed on over to Augusta GA, and went walking at this really quiet park/lake. There were people fishing, diving, kayaking, walking. It was really relaxing. We saw a lot of different kinds of ducks. One duck was hurt, he was missing the top part of his beak, and his feathers were all messed up.. I felt really bad for the little Mallard.
After we watched the ducks, we headed to Publix, got some pine apple, and headed back to our humble home.
It's always good to go out traveling with the family for a day.
I think we should do it more often!

 Do you go on little day trips with your family?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Farmer's Market Saturday

Saturdays always mean: Yard Sales and going to the Port Royal Farmer's Market.
We didn't really find anything at the yard sales, other then some DVDs, $5 Blender, Vintage Velvet Reindeer for Christmas, and a little side table (which I will be redoing soon, and I will post it on here, of course).
But at the Farmer's Market we got a lot of Okra, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Onions.. and some other goodies! I am so thankful that we have such a great Farmer's Market close by, and it's only getting bigger! I'm hoping one day it will be pretty popular on the East Coast! They always have a live band playing, lot's of snacks, BBQ, Dumplings, Sandwiches, Pasta, Lemonade, Sweet Tea.. and of course the fruits & veggies! It's a great place to spend your Saturday morning!