Thursday, April 26, 2012

In the midlands of South Carolina...

I just recently photographed a wedding in the Midlands of South Carolina, 
on a little Plantation called Buck Ridge.
It was such an amazing place, perfect for a wedding!
It is actually a hunting preserve (which I don't care for since I love animals alive, rather then .. you know, dead). But it was still beautiful.
 When you first pull into the plantation, you drive through Leland Cypress Trees, then it turns into Bradford Pear Trees, then you have a field on the left, and a gorgeous colonial style home on your right, when you keep driving, you see the pond with a bridge going across, and a waterfall, let's just say, it's the perfect place for a wedding ceremony.
 As you keep driving, you have Pine Trees to your left, and the Hunting Lodge to your right, and if you were to keep driving, you would come up to cabins nestled in the woods. On the other side of the Plantation, you have another Colonial style home and a lodge, there is also Fields, with gorgeous Horses, and dog kennels for hunting.
It was a simple wedding, I would say there were maybe 100 people or less.
The ceremony was outside (let me just say that we have been getting very strange weather here in the South, one minute it's sunny and beautiful, and then the next minute it's windy, and raining). So during the ceremony it was sunny, then clouds rolled in, so they had to have the reception inside. Which sucks for me, I hate shooting photo's indoors. If you've seen my work, you know I prefer outside, with natural lighting. Oh well, good thing I was working with another great photographer.
It was a very fast wedding, we got there at four, took pictures, had the ceremony, went to the reception, watched the couple dance, everyone ate delicious food, then it was time for the cake, and then the tossing of the bouquet, and garter, then a little dancing, and it was over by 9:30 (but we stayed and took drunk pictures of the bride and groom, along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, they were all so hilarious)!
Congratulations to Josh and Nicole!
And thank you Amy for giving me a chance to do this with you! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New, new, new

I have been wearing the same sandals for two maybe even three summers in a row,
it wasn't by choice,
trust me..
I have been looking for new ones, since mine aren't too pretty anymore.
And it's taken awhile!
 I mean every time I go out, I look for sandals, but never seem to find any! Or they are too pricey for me.
Well times have changed, and not only have I found one pair of sandals, I found TWO!
One pair was $24.99 and the Ralph Lauren pair was $29.99!
I had to get both of them-
Now I have two pairs of cute sandals!

Do you have any cute sandals?
Do you have problems finding sandals like I do?
What's your style sandals for the year?

a long way from Egypt..

Have you ever saw something, that you had to have, but you didn't really know why?
Well I actually came across something at a Thrift Store, that I just had to have.. know idea why.
In my mind, I think I picked this up while I was in Egypt, but yet, I have never been there.
(I will one day travel there, and maybe they will be selling these little carvings on the side of the road).
Maybe it's a sign, that I will be going to Egypt soon?
Who knows.
All I know is it was only $1.91,
 and that's just a deal I couldn't pass up!

Do you have any odd things lingering around,
that don't match or go with anything,
but yet, you had to have it?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello sunshine

It's just one of those bright sunny afternoons...

Bag: Target, Bracelet: Thrifted, Tank:American Eagle,
 Cardigan:Target, Skirt:Banana Republic, Shoes:TJMaxx, Sunglasses: Free.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Flower girl

I hope everyone has a wondeful Monday!

These beautiful photos were taken at a house I work at, that's right, I get to see these pretty little things everyday!
Taken with a Nikon 3000, on the no-flash setting.
There are some gorgeous flowers in this yard, I probably took over a hundred pictures, but these are my favorites!
I hope you enjoy!

Flowers always make me smile :)