About me, myself, and I

I'm Kristen,
 Born and raised in beautiful South Carolina, now living in the mountains of Pennsylvania.
I moved here to be with my boyfriend.
We bought a house.
That needs work.
....lot's of work.
Stick around to see what we get ourselves into!
I have always loved blogging, I kinda drifted away from it when I moved here. But now I'm back, and I'm here to stay (for awhile that is).
I love thrif stores, yard sales, antiques, even junk on the side of the road. I just recently started a blog Keeping it thrifty , which is all about the great finds I find.
I also have a photography blog She smiles co , (which I kinda stopped doing once I moved).
I'm the kinda girl that loves meeting new people, going to new places, shopping for a great deal, taking pictures, sipping on tea, going to the dog park, cooking up new dishes, getting outside, decorating, holidays, do it yourself projects, being with my family and friends, and of course my lovely boyfriend.
Now you know a little about me,
 so please go grab a nice cup of tea, whether it's sweet, green, chai, whatever it is, take a sip and follow me through this blog.

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