Saturday, March 13, 2010

Well I have something to tell you..

Okay, wow.. it's been quite a loooong time since I've been on here!
I have been really busy, with work, the boyfriend, helping my parents redo the house..
I long for a nice nap!
But I do have a few things to say:
Spring is finally here!
The pear tree's outside are blooming, and may I say, they are beautiful!
(I don't get the saying "April showers, brings May flowers", it should be more like "February showers, brings March the flowers")
I have made my own flowering pots from flowers at Lowe's. Instead of buying their flowering pot's for around $20, I went and got some clearance flowers, and just made my own!
My mom has painted our back building, which hasn't been painted for ten years (or so).. but it only has primer on it. Keep your fingers crossed, she's getting there!
The grass is always greener in the winter in my yard, then dies as soon as spring/summer comes.. you know why? Cause it's Rye Grass..
I am on a diet, it's called "You can eat however much you want as long as it's fruits & veggies"!
(I have already cheated, and bought Girl Scout Cookies), those damn Girl Scouts!!!!!
I have been on the verge of buying a kayak .. for the past two months.. I'm waiting for someone to just give me one. (Ha ha, kidding! But that would be nice.)
.. but that's all I have to say for right now!