Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Babi..

Here are some pictures I captured of my hen, Babi. She usually runs away when I try to take pictures of her, but this time, she didn't seem to mind. Maybe it's because I fed her some nice green grapes. She's such a beautiful hen, I love looking at her black and white feathers, her little gold eyes, the way she follows my rooser, Lou Lou.. I don't know why people harm chickens, they are so sweet. They have never and would never hurt anybody or anything.. I love my chickens, they have to be one of the greatest pets!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Ol' Chucktown..

I just got back from Charleston today. I had a good time. I went there with three friends. Stayed in this really awesome Holiday Inn that's 14 stories high, between to bridges, with an awesome few of downtown Charleston. I went shopping downtown and got a few things. (Nothing special). I ate at this really yummy "cheap" place called the Majestic Grill, they have awesome vegetable egg rolls! I met up with some friends that go to school there and partied the night away! Not really..but.. It was fun. I love downtown Chucktown. It's so nice, there's so much to do, and so many shops to venture into. I want to go back next weekend and the weekend after that. (I will post pictures later). Im wiped out! There's a lot of walking to do there.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Salads on the go...

My mom surprised me the other day with this Salad Shaker! Im always eating salads, and I wish I could bring them to work with me, and now I can!
Keep your salad fresh and cool on the go with the Healthy Food on the Go Salad Shaker by Fit & Fresh™. This amazing container allows you to pack a cold, crisp green salad and keep it that way until you're ready to eat it. It's $11.99.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moonstruck Paintings...

My friend, Andrew came over today to help me make Miso soup. Then he helped me wash my mom's car. Thennn, we painted pictures :D (I kinda made him, but he liked it). Here's how our paintings came out.
This is my version-This in Andrews version-

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dad's Birthday!

Today is my Dads "49th" Birthday! He has one more year, then he is completely over the hill!
I wish he didn't have to go to work today. The perfect B-day gift would have been to just relax at home. We were going to go out and get him a cake and take him to dinner at Jade Garden, but instead, he wants my mom to make a cake and dinner! (It saves money, and probably will taste a lot better). Ohh, Dad, how I wish you could just retire in the Florida Keys, fishing all day, drinking beer, saying "It's gotta be 5 o' clock somewhere"..instead of having to to wake up by seven a.m. and going to work in the freezing cold to support your family.
I love you Dad, and I promise one day, you will be in the Keys.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mm, Miso..

After a long day of trimming tree's in the front yard, I decided to make my exhausted mother and myself some yummy Miso Soup! I don't really care for just the broth, I have to have lots of veggies! Here's what it looks like while in the process of being made. (It makes me hungry just looking at the picture).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day weekend-

~True Love~

Wow, what a weekend!(Pointless story, read if you would like) Friday night I finally go out (I haven't been out to see my friends since I left for Florida back in January), so I decided it would be fun to see them and go to my ex-boyfriends birthday party. Unfortunately, this party was way out in Coosaw (quite a drive), when I got there (I was with three friends), we walked up to the house.. and everyone was just like "Kristennn, where have you been?!" I saw some really old friends from a few years ago and I was having a good first five mins.. then this girl walks up who is the owner of the house and was like "you got to get the f** out of here, get the f** off my property before I call the cops".. (Im thinking, your having a party with illegal drinking, go ahead and call the cops dumb bitch). Then I see my ex-bestfriend, Brenda, run past, and it all clicked! (Two weeks ago or so, I found out that Brenda was going out drinking when she just had a baby not even two months ago! I told her she was a bad mother and needed to grow up, she has a new responsibility now. We got in a fight and she deleted me off Myspace, Facebook, Etc.. whoopie-doo!) Well Brenda comes up to me and says "she wants you out".. "why I ask, is it because of you"? "She just wants you out now"! .. I get up in her face and tell her to grow the F** up. Then I told her I wasn't leaving until I saw Jake (that's the whole reason why I went out there). So I see Jake walk up to him, tell him what happens.. and he replys "what do you expect, it's her house".. Im like WTF ?! And just walk out.. Did I forget to mention that when Jake invited me to this party he clearly stated Brenda was not going to be there?.. Ha, the funny thing is I didn't drive out there.. so I had to sit by a car in the cold with only two of my friends for an hour, the driver was talking to Brenda. It was bad, that Kelly girl embarrassed me infront of everyone, then when her and I talked she had the nerve to say it was perfectly fine to come back to another party when Brenda wasn't there.. what a dumb bitch. Thinking "I" would come back.. ha.
My pretty tulips-Anyways, my Valentines Day was no better.. I made sugar cookies which were really good, they even had little red & pink hearts on them. I wrapped Jakes birthday and V-day gifts (yes, after what happened the night before, I still did this). I then went to House of Tokyo with some friends to get sushi (which always makes me happy). I then went to Jakes house with my friend Ansley.. I gave Jake his gifts (I got him a Jade plant in a cute clay pot with a yellow poka-dotted bow on it) and he was on the phone while he was opening them! Actually, he was on the phone the whole time, talking to people about having another party at that girls house, or how it got canceled.. blah blah blah.
How rude.. He didn't even say thank you.. I was the only person who even cared and actually came over. Oh, and he didn't get me anything for Valentines Day.. but after his house I just thought it would be a good idea to go home, so I did.. and my best guy friend, Andrew, came over and brought me Tulips . How sweet, he's a good guy. Im glad he atleast cared. (Thanks Andrew). My parents had a friend over and they made all this food, so Andrew and I chowed down then started watching this movie called Slither, and passed out ten mins. into it on the floor. (Typical V-day).
My yummy sushi- Today was a restful day, just sitting around watching movies with my mom. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lettuce Love-

I decided to plant some lettuce that I adopted/bought from Wal-Mart today. I found a huge clay pot in the green house (It used to have aloe in it, but the weather got to it), and planted my new little lettuce's.. Im also going to plant lettuce seeds, so I will have a variety of lettuce right outside on my walkway. The weather was also niceee today. (Im so ready for spring)! Here are so pictures I took.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It feels nice..

I have started painting at Bray's Island again, and im loving it! I was so tired of sitting on my butt at home doing absolutely nothing! Im also glad that the weather has been rather perfect, warm during the day and cold at night. (But it's not going to be that way for long). I also enjoy being out in nature, listening to the birds and squirrels.. there are also these ducks that have flown in that are hanging out in the freshwater pond next to the house that im painting at. Did I mention that I love painting? I have no idea why, but it is so relaxing.. it's way better then any other job I could be working at, that's for sure!

Well I have to go get ready, im going shopping in Bluffton!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I just found the cutest little figures! They are called Pocket Buddhas, they are colorful Buddhas, based on the ancient tradition of the child Buddha, 1.5 inches tall and come in six different styles and colors. Made of environmentaly friendly pvc called ATBC-PVC, they offer a serene way to brighten up any day with their contagious happiness. They also come in keychains. I think they would make a perfect little Valentine's Day gift for all my friends, and myself!

Only $5 for either the pocket Buddhas or the keychain Buddhas! Find them at : rocketusa.com

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Nick!


My little brother turned fourteen today! He's growing up so fast! I feel like just yesterday he was six years old, picking up bugs in the back yard or acting like G.I. Joe in the woods.. I miss those days. They have gone by in a flash and now he is fourteen with a beautiful girl friend, fishing like a pro with my dad, getting taller, and so much more! I will always miss my little brother, we would always play fight, scream at eachother (which we still do), jump on the trampoline, play G.I. Joe and Barbies, sleep next to eachother after watching scary movies.. ha. Now I have an older brother, who is changing into a teenager.. but luckily, a good one. I love you Nicholas!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Planet Earth.

Im watching the second disc to Planet Earth right now and im so intrigued by it! I just can't seem to stop watching it! The first disc, "From Pole to Pole," serves as a primer for things to come, placing the entire series in proper context and giving a general overview of what to expect from each individual episode. It shows the polar regions; from penguins to polar bears, great plains; to elephants, zebras, wilds dogs, many different birds, & antelope, deep seas; to seals & great white sharks, the jungle in New Guinea; which have some various birds, and it shows the seasonal forest; which show the amur leopards that are nearly becoming extinct. The second disc is about caves. It shows people actually free-falling into them, then people finding the "Chandelier Ballroom," a crystal-encrusted cavern found over a mile deep in New Mexico's treacherous Lechuguilla, it shows different animals that are found living in the cave, such as bats, roaches, salamanders, crabs, many different species of fish, glow worms, etc. The deepest cave is found in the continental United States! It's just so amazing what are found in caves and how far people are willing to go to find out (for us) to see. I can't wait to watch the next disc. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009