Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lowcountry Inshore Slam

So turns out, I'm back in Beaufort, spending a few weeks with the family.
 Trying to enjoy the last few weeks of this lovely warm weather.
Being out on the river is something that I need, I long for, I have saltwater in my blood... being away from it really hurts, it's just depressing.
So being here, right now, is just reviving me!
Since I've been here, I have gone out on the river, swimming on private beaches, fishing inshore, fishing the channels..  I love fishing. The one fish I have yet caught, is a southern favorite, it's known as the Red Fish, Red Drum, or Spot Tail Bass. My brother has taken me out a handful of times, but I never seem to catch that fish. But today I finally hooked my first one! It was small, but it meant so much, size doesn't matter in this case! After releasing it, a few minutes later I hooked up with this big beauty below! It was gorgeous! I couldn't believe my eyes when I hooked it! It was fun reeling it in! When I got it on the platform of the boat, I was all smiles! The feeling of catching a Red Fish is like no other, the adrenaline is crazy, you just don't want to stop hooking them. Releasing that beauty, was one of the best feelings, I hope that others will have the same experience as I did. I also caught a little Flounder. All I needed to hook was a Trout, and it would have been an inshore slam all in one day!
My brother on the other hand hooked a good size Trout, it was slightly purple, with tons of spots, such a beautiful fish.
Today was such an amazing day, I am so grateful to have caught these fish, spend time with my brother, be out on the saltwater, and watch the Carolina sun set.