Saturday, February 25, 2012

Niagara Falls, NY.. trip recap:

Hello my beautiful bloggers!
I am so sorry that I have not been writing..
It's been weeks, hasn't it?
Well I went through a lot in these past weeks, my brother's 17th Birthday was on February 6th, so I celebrated that, I can't believe he is getting older! It makes me sad.. I wish he was still ten, and played with toy trucks, and played with bugs!
I then left for Pennsylvania, to see my boyfriend; I ended up flying in on his Birthday! What a great birthday present, huh? My Popeye (that's what I call my boyfriend cause he has really really big muscular arms) turned the big ol' 26! I landed there pretty late, so we went out to dinner, hello Olive Garden. Then back to his place to open a few small gifts I got him. The the next few days we saw friends, went bowling, went to a western/country bar that had a bull, went out to eat, watched movies, played in the snow, etc! Then it was off to Niagara Falls for Valentines Day, he surprised me with the most gorgeous ring! It was just a gift, but a beautiful one! We went to lunch at a really tasty hole-in-the-wall Pizza joint, I ordered pasta, he ordered a large pie. Then for dinner we went to TGI Fridays, which was really good! We saw the Falls on the United States side; this summer we are going to go to Canada's side! Let me just say, it is very cold! Everything was iced and snowed over, it was such a fun experience! It was one of the coolest places I've been! Note to self, if you want to see the Falls at night, go to Canada's side; you can barely see anything on the United States side. After our few days at the Falls, we ended up driving back, I loved driving through Buffalo, NY. I think it was really pretty, but that was probably because of the snow. I did like seeing all the Buffalo's on the side of the road! (There really are Buffalo's there!) The drive back was really fun. I love getting off the interstate, and driving on back roads, seeing all the old barns, gorgeous farm houses, cows in the snow, wind mills, nature. Perfect for whipping out the camera!
After I left Pennsylvania, it was time to celebrate my dad's birthday, he turned 52 years old! He's an old fart, huh? Not really, he still has a while to go! We went to Florida for the day, it went from being happy to all of a sudden throwing the GPS out the window! I guess that old age was kickin' in... oh birthday's, they are so fun!

Anyways here's some pictures from my trip to Pennsylvania, and New York!

Have you ever been to Niagara Falls?
What did you think of them?
 Which side were you on? 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentines Day, Etsy Style

Valentines Day,
 Etsy Style!
I just love going on Etsy, and seeing all the 'Valentines Day', 'Love', 'Be Mine', Red and Pink stuff..
......You know what all that stuff means right?
It means, it's that time of the year, when you have to go sweat your ass off trying to go find your significant other something --- and it also means CANDY HEARTS! Yay yay yay!
I really do love the whole 'Valentines Day' thing, but I really do not like how you have to go buy lots of stuff, for what..., and guys are just so hard to buy for, what do you get a man?
All I want is some wild flowers, and some candy.
...Okay, I lied, what I really want is:
A ring,
A new cell phone, preferably a cool IPhone (so I can be cool).
Angel Food Cake,
A Trip to the Bahamas,
A new bathing suit,
A watch like this,
To adopt an old kitty from and the Animal Shelter.. and a dog, and a rabbit..and and and..

Yeah, those are some fun gifts!
Why can't I get gifts like that?

But to me, Valentines Day isn't all about that material stuff..
It's about being with that special someone, being in love, all happy, and cuddling in bed eating a nice Valentines Day breakfast!

On a lighter note, Etsy does have some of the sweetest stuff just for this lovely holiday!

Mens Bow Tie

Heart Earrings
Love Ring
 What would you like to receive on this sweet, loving, happy, holding we call Valentines Day?
What do you plan on getting your special someone?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello Date Night

Sometimes I wish I lived in the city, so I could get all dressed up for Date Night..
One day,
I will go out on Date Night,
and wear something as gorgeous at this; like an elegant dress, with beautiful red lips, don't forget that adorable clutch, and some nude heels!
Bring on the dates!
Date Night

Then again, Valentines Day is coming up,
 maybe I could wear something like this, then?