Sunday, June 28, 2009

Go see it!

I went and saw The Proposal with my mom today and I have to say that this is a really good laugh out loud movie! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds made a perfect match, they were both sarcastic, funny, good looking, and they are both talented actors. The movie is really good,both men and women can enjoy it! Go see it today!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A happy three months & still going..

It's been three months! (I know that doesn't amaze a lot of people, but it does me.) Usually you find your High School sweetheart, marry, then your done. But if you don't have a High School sweetheart then it gets kinda hard finding someone after school or even College, im also talking about finding someone in Beaufort. I don't know how hard it is in other places but it's hard here! It's a small town still, but it's growing fast, (but with all the same people still living here). Luckily I found my someone to have fun with. And he's been in Beaufort all along! So maybe you can find someone here in Ol' Beaufort.
Since today was our "three month", Jason decided to take me, along with another couple, to California Dreamin' in Charleston. It was hurricane weather when we left Beaufort, but as soon as we reached downtown, where Cali. Dreamin' is, it turned into a beautiful sunset. The restaurant over looks the downtown marina, so it was a good place to watch boats go by and such. The food was a little pricy, but "it's okay baby, get whatever you want" said Jason. I got Fried Flounder with mashed potatoes, around $16.00 he got the Seafood Platter with lots of fries, around $20.00. (Both entree's came with a salad). After that all four of us walked downtown.. unfortunately all the stores were closing. So we went to Starbucks, then started the long journey back home.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The perfect night gown..

This has to be one of the prettiest gowns, it's elegant, yet sexy. It was in last months Lucky Magazine. If only I had the money to buy it and a place to where it to, it would work out perfectly. You can find it on Ttcollection for only $325.00. (Did I mention it would make a simple wedding dress, too?)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


There's something special about capturing flowers in photos. They are all so different, unique, yet they all share the same thing, and that's all being beautiful. I took these pictures at Lowe's (you would have never even know that), except the first picture was taken in Key West while I was walking one morning. I love the colors yellow & orange, they are bright and cheery. They just make me feel so good. What about you? I hope you enjoy them, I know I sure do.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hello Key West..

So I went to Key West with my friend Ansley and her family, along with her brother's girlfriend. We stayed there for a week. It was nice to get out of Beaufort! I needed a vacation, I just wish I would have went with my family.. but it was still nice! We stayed in one condo that was maybe five mins. from Key West one night, but ended up staying in another condo that was right on the beach for the rest of the vacation. We tried out lots of different restaurants! We got to walk around and go shopping on Duval Street, (I also got a huge python thrown around my neck and a bird on my shoulder as we were walking downtown). We visited the board walk, and got to see a lot of different stunts take place (I was also in one of the stunts). We got to go to the beach which is where we saw our two of our friends from back home, Andrew and Travis (They were staying in Marathon). We went to the pool everyday.. that was on the beach. We also went kayaking in the rain and got to go through mangroves. It was a great time! The ride wasn't that bad, luckily we had a van that had dvd players so we stopped at Sam's and bought Forgetting Sarah Marshall and What Happens in Vegas. On the way back we rented Fired Up and Gran Torino (Amazzzzzing movie). We also stayed in St.John's near Jacksonville for our last night and went to go see the movie Year One, which really wasn't all that funny.. then we came home!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You just never know..

My boyfriend called me today while I was shopping in Savannah (for mom's birthday gifts), and told me his roomate found a three week old kitten in the grass while he was mowing. The kitty wasn't in really good condition, it wasn't responding to any finger movement, it couldn't walk, wouldn't eat, nor make any noise.. they pretty much thought it wasn't going to make it. But it did! They named her Helen Keller because of her condition.. boys.. She finally had some warm milk, but she isn't really moving. Hopefully she just needs some loving, rest, and actual kitten food other then human milk.

Update: So the kitty is much better now. My boyfrined, Jason, brought her over on Friday (Mom's birthday), she pretty much just slept the whole time, and got licked by my dog Max.. She can walk and meow, but we still think she might be blind in her left eye cause she wont respond when you move a finger towards the left, but she will when you move it to the right. She also likes ping-pong balls and she enjoys watching golf on tv. Heh. Im trying to get the guys to name her something other then Helen Keller, she looks like a Lola or a Coconut.. They are wanting to get her shots and neutered, but they aren't sure if they want to keep her. They have another older cat that they have to take care of.. and I guess it's hard trying to take care of themselves, let alone two cats. Hopefully they will, the three guys are starting to get pretty attached to her, but who wouldn't, she's an adorable kitten!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey, your going to a Baseball Game!

I am such an amazing girlfriend.. I decided to surprise my boyfriend with Atlanta Braves tickets! I kind made it a little "post it" game before he actually got them, I posted one on the dart board in his room stating "Wanna play a game" Hint:look under your pillow, which then lead to saying you'll find you next clue in the morning, which when he woke up to take a shower there was a little cut-out baseball bat hanging off his shower head, on the back of that it said "your next clue is on something you drive", so when he went out to his truck he saw a baseball magnet next to his door handle, and on that note it said "when you get home how about you relax and watch some Tv.", so when he went home and picked up the remote the tickets were underneath it. (But they were in an envelope). I hope he liked them.. It's him, one of his roomates, a friend of ours named Lindsay, and myself.. going to Atlanta. The Braves are playing against the Mets so it should be fun! It will also be my first Baseball game, so im excited about that :) I forgot to mention that we are staying at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta! It looks soooo awesome, it has restaurants, bars, an Atrium, pools, gyms.. and it's downtown which means stores! I can't wait!