Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Slightly Stoopid!

***Tonight Slightly Stoppid is playing at Music Farm in Charleston, S.C! I cannot wait to see them live! It's going to be amazing!*** Did I mention Rebelution is their opening band :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pizza Virgins..

Last night I went over to my new boyfriend's to make homemade pizza! It was soo much fun and it came out nice & tasty! I made the dough earlier in the day (with the help of my mum) and brought it over, then went out and bought the rest of the ingredients. It was so easy to make! I made my pizza with mushrooms and sliced tomatoes, he made his with pepperoni, mushrooms, and LOTS of cheese! I plan on making more delicious homemade dinners, with him. :)
Jason rolling out his dough.
Adding his sauce.Mine's on the left; his on the right. Our tasty pizza'z!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The perfect tote..

I love totes! They can be used for almost anything and everything! I use them for grocery shopping, the beach, as an overnight bag, as my everyday bag, as gifts, store towels in.. and so on. I really like these totes, they are so coastal looking (and I live in South Carolina) so they are perfect! They range in prices from $28.00-$50.00. They are all handmade from start to finish!
Seaweed Forest
Jelly Fish
Sand Dollar Tote
Home Grown
I also like this canvas "Home Grown" bag.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The best feeling is..

When you find someone new again, you get butterflies, you can't stop smiling, you just want to see that special someone, all you can do is think about them, and you just want to jump around.. It's an amazing feeling. (Other then riding on a roller coaster). I thought I would share that information. Im actually talking about my dog Max. Haha. Not really, but he does give me those feelings, too. La, im off to go dream.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I love taking pictures of dogs, I don't know why.. but there is something different about each one. Their expressions are so unique. You just wonder in each picture, how are they feeling?? Like my dog, Maxwell, he is one of the craziets, most observant, talented, cutest, sweetest dogs ever! When I got Max, he was a furry puppy with a little curled piglet tail (Hah). Now he is this gorgeous shepard retriever (with a little chow) mix. He is one very talented dog, he talks to you, he runs and hops after squirrels in the woods, he looks up A LOT , he loves to run and catch bugs, he even loves to look for bugs in the leaves, he rolls over, sits, lies down, cuddles, plays with you, catches balls (but makes you run after him), he doesn't like french fries, but he will eat walnuts, he loves our chickens and my guinea pig, but he likes to mess with our two cats, he doesn't like baths, but damn does he love water! I am just so lucky to have found a perfect dog, I forgot to mention, he loves taking pictures. Gunner, the Boykin Spaniel is one of Max's friends (that lives on Bray's Island) . Anyways, I just thought I would share some pictures of my dog today, I hope you enjoy! Byyeee everyone, I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh spring..

These are some of the things I would like for spring. I already have the Boho Bag from American Eagle. The dress and scarf are from American Eagle, the hat is from Forever21, the sunglasses are from Target, the bracelet is from Rue21, and the sandals are from a company called Bcfootwear. I love the floral look mixed with beachy/bohemian look. I got the cutest dress today from Wal-Mart (actually I got them in three different colors, but I think im only going to keep one). The dress was only $14.00! The dress is in big horizontal stripes (the stripes are peachy, yellow, brown, and an off white, kind of like a sandy color). I will have to take a picture cause the Wal-Mart online isn't showing it. But I love it! I can't wait to wear it this weekend!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day ...

The greatest thing in the world happened! Okay, not the greatest.. but very close! I went to Costco last night to return my Nikon (it kept giving me error problems) and when we went to go look at the other camera's, there was nothing that really caught my attention cause they had only two Nikons left. "But I need a camera, I told my mom", so I ended up picking up a Sony Cyber-Shot 8.1 mega pix. When I took it home, I let the battery charge for an hour and then tested my new camera out. (Im a Nikon girl, maybe even a Canon, but never a Sony ) well let me tell you! This camera is so awesome! Even though it's only an 8.1 meg. pix., the way it takes pictures is unbelievable! I think older camera's are wayyy better then newer camera's.. Not saying this one is old. Wow. I finally found a camera I love ! The only bad thing is, it didn't come with a memory card, nor a case.. so ofcourse I have to go get those. I can't wait!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Their coming!

I love peeps !

Okay so yesterday I went out on the boat with my father and brother. We put the boat in Chechessee River and took a trip to Hilton Head. It was really foggy (which was kinda creepy). But then the sun came out for an hour or so. Then it started to get cold, so I ended up falling asleep on the boat. Neither of them caught anything (that's probably because there are no longer fish in the river). But it was nice to be out on the river. The water was so calm and clear. There are some things you'll need to bring on a boat: Water, water, and yes, more water! Gatorade, pickels, Dorito's, sunflower seeds, maybe a sandwich or two, carrots, grapes.. (just incase you get stuck out there, you will need something non-salty). You need sunscreen (and apply every 30 mins to an hour). Chapstick with an Spf, a big hat, sunglasses, towels, a magazine (if your a woman), camera, and a phone, for safety. Oh, and definitely something long sleeved, preferably in white.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Life is good..

Okay, so when I was in Charleston a while back I went into the "Life is Good" store and tried looking for a sticker that has a dog roasting a marshmellow on it (for my car). The sales clerk told me that they don't sell stickers with that print on it.. BUT I just went to their site, and guess what?! They do! Yay! Camp Dog on Lake Sticker - $0.50. View Item I actually like a few things on their site! Like this Lakewood Leather Key Chain - $12.00. View Item It would make a great gift, to myself! (This would look so good on my car key chain). Speaking of "Life is Good", I try using things that are kind of good for the environment such as these paper,plastic, and glass bags from World Market. I have the Plastic one, but im thinking about getting the other two cause I hate storing our carboard/paper next the the trash can, and the glass always gets mixed in with the plastic, which gets irritating when you are recycling it.

Jute Recycling Paper, Plastic or Bottles Bags$6.99

I also use Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies to clean with it's Earth Friendly and Cruelty Free. I love the Basil counter spray! It smells so good while your spraying and cleaning away! The Lavender dish soap smells so good while your scrubbing your dishes. Did I mention that they have a Seasonal Gingerbread air freshner that is amazing ! I wish they had it all year long, but unfortunately, it only comes out during Christmas time. I will be posting some of my other Earth Friendly products later.
Dish Soap $3.99 Countertop Spray $3.99

If you have any favorite earth friendly products, please share them with me-

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lettuce Love...

Well hello everyone! Today was another beautiful hot day.. which im loving! It was around 85 degree's I believe. It's perfect right now, anything higher is just miserable.. I checked on my baby's, I already have green little lettuce's sprouting! Speaking of lettuce, I finally harvested mine, and made myself a delcious salad (which consisted of tomatoes, green olives, carrots, & eggs). It was soo good!!! I love knowing that im eating healthy, organic, non-pesticide lettuce.For dinner my mom made cabage, with red skinned potato's and carrots! And for desert, I, yes I, made Banana Nut Bread! It was pretty much my first "sweet" to make all by myself, and it turned out to be delicious! I wish I could give you the recipe, but it's a secret, my secret. (Not really.. I got it out of this months Family Circle). I did add cream cheese icing to the bread for an extra touch.
I would like to tell everyone that my lettuce has become a home for a special tree frog. While I was watering my lettuce I spotted this cute little frog under a wet leaf, im glad it found himself/herself a nice "moist" place to live. Anyways, im off to go eat myself a piece of bread. Good night everyone!

~Tree Frog~

Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh La La, Spring is here!

"The weather outside is weather".. (A quote from Forgetting Sarah Marshall).
My kitty, Feebee.. always around while im gardening.
I have decided to do some spring cleaning around the yard! I have also planted some seeds, such as: Orange seeds, two palmetto seeds, that I got from Fl. Keys, spinach, Mesclun lettuce, green onions, and three "unknown" seeds. I can't wait for the three "unknown" ones to grow! I also planted Parsley, two green onions, and more lettuce in a pot that goes on a porch railing, so when we need to cut some stuff, it's right there. Very covenant, I think. :) I feel like a little gardener! I also got two new bird feeders/bath. I use one for food and the other as water for the birds. (All it is a hanging basket with a bowl inside). It was on clearance for only $5.00. Not bad at all! The lettuce I planted a few weeks ago is getting huge! It's time to make delicious salad! Oh, I forgot to mention the most important thing my mom got me yesterday! It's a clay worm, I named him "Pokey", that tells you whether or not your plant needs water. Hah, okay. Well im going to get back to cleaing.
Bye guys, I hope your having wonderful weather like South Carolina is!
~The new little seedlings~

~The new parsely, lettuce, and green onions (which haven't sprouted yet)~

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's time for something new..

My mom and I are getting our haircuts today. I haven't gotten my haircut by anyone else, besides my mom, since I was like six or seven years old. It's kinda of nerve racking.. yet, exciting! Hopefully they wont mess it up.. All I want are layers kind of like Alessandra Ambrosio (Victoria Secret Model). I know they have people that do their hair for them and it takes hours. But I would atleast like mine cut like her's.. and then I will curl it myself or something. I NEVER do anything to my hair, it's either always down, or always up. I never even brush it (Until I finally get tired of the knots). I just want something easy to maintain. I can't wait for Summer , in summer my hair always has that beachy look, with the natural highlights, and curls. Well, I must go take a shower, maybe i'll post some pictures of my new "due" when I get back. Okay, so I went and got it cut. Im just going to say.. my mom could have done a wayyy better job. All she did was give me a little bit of layers, blow dried it, and gave me some curls. This is what a $50 hair cut looks like.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh joy...

What a day! I had to wake up early to drive 30 mins to give someone my dad works for, a key to get into a house. Then I decided I would go running downtown and lock my keys in my car not remembering my key-pad-code.. (My cell phone was also locked in the car, so I had to run to a coffee shop to call my mother).. I had to return something at Lowes.. I don't even want to explain that one. **Let's just say all the employee's there SUCK!**.. I called Andrew to meet me for some sushi at House of Tokyo. Then I was like "Hey, let's feed the geese at the pond"! So we went to look for bread at the Dollar Tree, they didn't have bread, but I did buy a little bird feeder and a spanish dictionary. Then we went to Wal-Mart, got the bread and went to feed the geese! Well, the geese were being taunted by seagulls.. so we had to feed both the geese and seagulls. It was fun though. It definitely relaxed me. I hope everyone else's day was a little better..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let's change it around..

This is my kind of bag! This stylish cotton canvas bag makes reducing your plastic bag consumption a treat. It has tons of pockets both inside and out to keep you organized. Reduce today for plenty of tomorrows! Beau Bag Regular Price $40.00 Sale Price $30.00 I almost forgot to mention last night, while my mom and I were watching a movie, my father yelled out "come here".. We went to laundry room and found this little girl lying on the comforter playing Possum on us. (We used to have an opossum that we rescued, so we have experience with the little guys & girls). We fed the little girl some green grapes and cat food. She also got to stay nice and cozy for a couple of hours until we released her back out into the freezing cold.. where she belongs.**Please do not harm the opossums. They are not something you can keep as a pet. They are very hard to work with and most die because people lack information on them. They are not out to hurt anyone, if anything, they just go on their way, looking for food, moving from place to place. They are not harmful, but they will bite, just like any other wild animal would. My family has experience with them, we aren't out to hurt them, my dad just has a great love for them & likes feeding them.** I hope you enjoy these two cute pictures.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Let's talk ...

I just found a new site and I love love love it! Sometimes I just wish I had the money to spend on things, whatever I wanted, life would be so fun! .. But in a way, im glad I can't spend, I have a budget, and my parents have taught me to appreciate what I have. Even right now, my mom just told me that I have a lot of things that I don't really wear, the problem is, here in South Carolina, there's a certain look you have to come by, huge Ralph Lauren logo's, polo tops, Duck Head shorts/pants, North Face, Top Sperry, Izod, L.L. Bean, Land's End. . I love the "preppy" look, but sometimes I wish I could just get all glamoured up with my cowboy boots, tights, a funky top.. scarf, & so on. The only problem is, here, you are judged. If I were to wear that people would be like, what the hell?!
Usually I am the more "artsy" type of girl, I love skinny jeans, white skirts, classy girly tops, heels, flats, my cowboy boots, scarves, wooden jewellery.. I just wish I could dress up a littler more. That's one of the reasons why I love Charleston, S.C. soo much, it's because it is a "fashion" city in the south. I say The Hell With It! Im going to start wearing what I want to wear! I don't care if people judge, that's all this town does anyways, so what the hell, right?
Well anyways, here's that site I fell in love with! It's called Anthropologie, I went to the store when I was in Orlando, it's pretty pricy, but it has a lot of fun stuff to look at! ( http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/index.jsp )

Ariana Tunic $78.00
May Bud Wrap $58.00Front Lawn Flats $98.00Coral Knob $2.95Viola Crackled Pot, Small $10.00