Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ohh the holidays!

Why are mum's so hard to shop for? .. When you think you know them.. you find out, you don't. And that they are the hardest to shop for! Maybe it's because my mum pretty much has everything. Like all the material things, besides a new car.. she say's she wants a new body, and I would love to give it to her.. but I really can't do that. (Im going to try to help though)! I did find some small things she will like. I would like to post them, but she likes to read my blog, so that wouldn't be the best of idea's. Actually, my dad and my brother are also hard to shop for! They both like pretty much the same thing.. which is fishing! I don't know what to pick out though.. that's like telling them to go into Victoria Secret and get compfy undies, they would most likely come out with something down-right sleezy and uncomfortable. Anywho, I wish I could find some fun stuff. Like she wants new kitchen bowls, but when you live in a small town like this, that's hard to find. Oh well, im going shopping one of these days, maybe I will find some more mothery stuff. If you have any ideas, let me know-

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