Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Orlando trip

The Portofino Bay Hotel I got back from Florida last Sunday. I also got sick AGAIN, while I was on vacation.So that's why I haven't been on here to write anything for the past few days. I don't think I got the flu, then again, im not sure. My symptoms were chills, body aches, dry-coughing, nausea, head-ache.. it was worse then before. I think it's because I went to Island's of Adventure & Universal Studios on the coldest day. My mom assured me that "Florida never get's too cold". HA! Even though it was the coldest day, it was fun.
We left Beaufort on Tuesday and arrived at Hard Rock in Orlando that night. Hard Rock to me didn't seem that great . Luckily my Uncle Richie (Who's super kick-ass), got us the room at a good price. But you don't get anything for free except the pool. You have to pay for the workout room and then the towel (If you want a towel). You have to pay for breakfast. You have to pay to park your car overnight. But the upside, we did get a really nice room with a couch, or I would have been like "ugggh, Hard Rock blows". They do have restaurants and bars in the lobby and downstairs. City Walk and the two theme parks is about a ten min. walk or you can take a ferry (as I did) which is a lot better then walking in the cold.
My mom, my brother, my two uncles (No, they are not gay, they are brothers) and I, went to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios on Wednesday. It was freeeeezing ! The first ride we went on was the Hulk! We rode that a lot actually. Then we went on all the other rides. (Not water rides, they were shut-down, except Jurassic Park). We tried the new Simpson's ride, which my mom likes a lot, I got kinda of sick because of the screen. (It's like your on a rollercoaster but your not, your in a car that is just moving back and forth). The last ride we went on was Jimmy Neutron, please do not EVER go on it! (It's the worse ride in my opinion). It made all of us want to throw-up.
That night we went to the other hotel which is called the Lowes Portofino Hotel, to go eat some tasty Italian food. The hotel actually looks like your in Italy! It was beautiful at night, with boats all around and music playing. When we were done eating, we had to walk back cause the Ferry for some reason didn't go to the Hard Rock Hotel. It was a ten min. walk through gardens and under bridges. It woud have been nice if it were warmer outside. When we got to our rooms, I just hit my pillow. I still felt like I was on the rides! It honesly felt like I was drunk and the room wouldn't stop spinning!
The next day we went to Kissimmee to go see my moms friend Ceci, her husband Steve, and her little girl Zoe. We talked and laughed a lot and then made eraser penis's (my mom bought Zoe a "make your own eraser kit" and when she went to bed all the grown-ups played with it). The next day we went to go see Underworld 3 , loved it! Then went to the Millenia Mall in Orlando. Then ate at this High-end Chinese Restaurant, my mom and I ordered vegetable's with wide noodles, it was good but so spicy! A little too spicy for my tastebuds. When we got back to Ceci's house, I started coughing and feeling the body aches coming but still had the strength to play dress-up and watch the movie Nim's Island with Zoe. The next day we said bye and left to go see my Grandparents.We saw the Grandparents, and their new 7-month old puppy, Karen. She's a hyper dog, but she's so cute! My brother and I played with her the whole time. After that we went to my Uncle Robert's house to meet his "New" girlfriend. She's really nice actually. She made us Sushi and bought all this Japanese food for my family to take back to Bft. After that we went to my Aunt Renee's house, to stay the night. When we got there, I was feeling like shit! I was freezing, coughing, and just wanted to die! I had a mud-slide then went to bed. The next day was the long drive home. We made it home around 10ish I think. And I went straight to bed. My poor vacation was ruined cause I had to get sick again. :(
The pool at Hard Rock
Islands of Adventure!
The start of our Adventure!

Woody the woodpecker!

My favorite ride! Hush-A-Bomb!Zoey and I playing with make-up.Karen (My Grandparents new pup).

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