Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dad's Birthday!

Today is my Dads "49th" Birthday! He has one more year, then he is completely over the hill!
I wish he didn't have to go to work today. The perfect B-day gift would have been to just relax at home. We were going to go out and get him a cake and take him to dinner at Jade Garden, but instead, he wants my mom to make a cake and dinner! (It saves money, and probably will taste a lot better). Ohh, Dad, how I wish you could just retire in the Florida Keys, fishing all day, drinking beer, saying "It's gotta be 5 o' clock somewhere"..instead of having to to wake up by seven a.m. and going to work in the freezing cold to support your family.
I love you Dad, and I promise one day, you will be in the Keys.

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