Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day weekend-

~True Love~

Wow, what a weekend!(Pointless story, read if you would like) Friday night I finally go out (I haven't been out to see my friends since I left for Florida back in January), so I decided it would be fun to see them and go to my ex-boyfriends birthday party. Unfortunately, this party was way out in Coosaw (quite a drive), when I got there (I was with three friends), we walked up to the house.. and everyone was just like "Kristennn, where have you been?!" I saw some really old friends from a few years ago and I was having a good first five mins.. then this girl walks up who is the owner of the house and was like "you got to get the f** out of here, get the f** off my property before I call the cops".. (Im thinking, your having a party with illegal drinking, go ahead and call the cops dumb bitch). Then I see my ex-bestfriend, Brenda, run past, and it all clicked! (Two weeks ago or so, I found out that Brenda was going out drinking when she just had a baby not even two months ago! I told her she was a bad mother and needed to grow up, she has a new responsibility now. We got in a fight and she deleted me off Myspace, Facebook, Etc.. whoopie-doo!) Well Brenda comes up to me and says "she wants you out".. "why I ask, is it because of you"? "She just wants you out now"! .. I get up in her face and tell her to grow the F** up. Then I told her I wasn't leaving until I saw Jake (that's the whole reason why I went out there). So I see Jake walk up to him, tell him what happens.. and he replys "what do you expect, it's her house".. Im like WTF ?! And just walk out.. Did I forget to mention that when Jake invited me to this party he clearly stated Brenda was not going to be there?.. Ha, the funny thing is I didn't drive out there.. so I had to sit by a car in the cold with only two of my friends for an hour, the driver was talking to Brenda. It was bad, that Kelly girl embarrassed me infront of everyone, then when her and I talked she had the nerve to say it was perfectly fine to come back to another party when Brenda wasn't there.. what a dumb bitch. Thinking "I" would come back.. ha.
My pretty tulips-Anyways, my Valentines Day was no better.. I made sugar cookies which were really good, they even had little red & pink hearts on them. I wrapped Jakes birthday and V-day gifts (yes, after what happened the night before, I still did this). I then went to House of Tokyo with some friends to get sushi (which always makes me happy). I then went to Jakes house with my friend Ansley.. I gave Jake his gifts (I got him a Jade plant in a cute clay pot with a yellow poka-dotted bow on it) and he was on the phone while he was opening them! Actually, he was on the phone the whole time, talking to people about having another party at that girls house, or how it got canceled.. blah blah blah.
How rude.. He didn't even say thank you.. I was the only person who even cared and actually came over. Oh, and he didn't get me anything for Valentines Day.. but after his house I just thought it would be a good idea to go home, so I did.. and my best guy friend, Andrew, came over and brought me Tulips . How sweet, he's a good guy. Im glad he atleast cared. (Thanks Andrew). My parents had a friend over and they made all this food, so Andrew and I chowed down then started watching this movie called Slither, and passed out ten mins. into it on the floor. (Typical V-day).
My yummy sushi- Today was a restful day, just sitting around watching movies with my mom. :)

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melaniexlove718 said...

I don't even know if you read the blog comments I leave :)
but if you doooo, I love your blogs so much. they are like a little scrapbook of things going on in your life. so cute! btw, that's ridiculous, Brenda should have known you were just concerned for her and not taken it that way, guess you were right about the growing up part! But I'm noticing a lot of people have growing up to do. Mariah does, mentally and physically even. I miss you so entirely much, it's starting to hurt :( so when can you come down to hilton head? I'm thinking when you do we can go to the tiki hut or my back yard. I need a little bit more colooooor. so get back to me (: I love hearing from you and talking to you, but I love SEEING you more! I love you so much! I'll even go to your house one night. <3
there is nothing more i love then drinking your good organic juices and watching movies with you and falling asleep in your amazing bed.