Monday, April 20, 2009

Shopping in Tampa is fun fun fun!

These are some of the things I got while I was shopping in Tampa. American Eagle sandals were $20.00, the flower sundress was $34.95. At Forever 21 the braided strap dress was $11.50 and the balck slub knit top was $9.80. At Banana Republic I got this cardigan in light purple for only $22.99. At Bath and Body works I got this Ile de Tahiti™ Coconut Vanille lotion for $8.99, I had 20% off, plus I got a Velvet Tuberose body spray worth $5.00, for free! I could have shopped for ever in Tampa! They had two malls that you could go crazy in, plus lots of stores!

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Kristin said...

What a fresh attitude! And I was just complaining about living here because of the lack of fashion inspiration here. Maybe I need to look at T town with new eyes!