Monday, May 25, 2009

Let's go to the sandbar for Memorial Day!

I love having a three day weekend! (And im sure everyone else does, too)! For my actual Memorial Day my friends Ethan, Chelsea, Jason (Aka, boyfriend), and I went out on the boat and ended up having an amazing day on a sandbar near Downtown Beaufort. There's not much to do in Beaufort, except play golf, camp, go to the beach, shop downtown, .. and some other little activities, but if you have a boat, then you have it made! We live on an island so of course half of Beaufort has a boat. If you don't then you are not a true Beaufortonian. Anyways, back to the sandbar.. when we got there we anchored the boat and decided to go for a nice dip (that was kinda cold actually). Once we got done swimming we headed back to the boat and noticed that we were stuck on the sandbad along with a few other boats.. which wasn't a problem , cause we planned on staying for awhile anyways, . . . until we saw thick rain clouds coming our way! Luckily the clouds went out to sea. I saw a few friends, had some tasty watermelon and pickels, swam to a pluff mud sandbar, got to ride on a jet ski for the first time (and it flipped, but it was actually fun), got to play with horse shoes, threw the football, (didn't have beer), but I did get to hang out with my hot boyfriend, which was the best thing of all! I just love being out on the river with friends. It was definitely a good Memorial Weekend. I hope everyone else's was just as good!

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