Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A perfect surprise...

My boyfriend that I have been dating for almost a month and a half, Jason, decided to surprise me today by coming to my house and leaving me beautiful flowers on my bed while I was out shopping with my mom. He kinda had me confused the whole morning cause he kept asking questions if I was leaving or going int town.. but then I started to catch on. He had told my brother on Monday that he was going to do something (But I had no idea what he was talking about). Im so glad he surprised me with flowers, they are so gorgeous! He has good taste, hah, he told me that he told the florist he wanted something 'other' then roses, cause those are too plain.. but he doesn't know any names of flowers so he made her choose. They are perfect , I love them! I would like any type of flowers, but he did great. He also left me a sweet note.. that I can't seem to stop reading. In the note he mentions..

That he's fell in love with me.. :D
...And guess what, I have fallen in love with him, too!


melaniexlove718 said...

oh my god.
this whole blog is ADORABLE.
and the last part, gdfoihgsodihgf!

T said... cute.
and my "follow me" should work, my friend just made an account and did it worked today. so...iono...i'm following you now...i'm a creepster. =]
i guess try it again later. ???