Friday, June 26, 2009

A happy three months & still going..

It's been three months! (I know that doesn't amaze a lot of people, but it does me.) Usually you find your High School sweetheart, marry, then your done. But if you don't have a High School sweetheart then it gets kinda hard finding someone after school or even College, im also talking about finding someone in Beaufort. I don't know how hard it is in other places but it's hard here! It's a small town still, but it's growing fast, (but with all the same people still living here). Luckily I found my someone to have fun with. And he's been in Beaufort all along! So maybe you can find someone here in Ol' Beaufort.
Since today was our "three month", Jason decided to take me, along with another couple, to California Dreamin' in Charleston. It was hurricane weather when we left Beaufort, but as soon as we reached downtown, where Cali. Dreamin' is, it turned into a beautiful sunset. The restaurant over looks the downtown marina, so it was a good place to watch boats go by and such. The food was a little pricy, but "it's okay baby, get whatever you want" said Jason. I got Fried Flounder with mashed potatoes, around $16.00 he got the Seafood Platter with lots of fries, around $20.00. (Both entree's came with a salad). After that all four of us walked downtown.. unfortunately all the stores were closing. So we went to Starbucks, then started the long journey back home.

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