Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hello Key West..

So I went to Key West with my friend Ansley and her family, along with her brother's girlfriend. We stayed there for a week. It was nice to get out of Beaufort! I needed a vacation, I just wish I would have went with my family.. but it was still nice! We stayed in one condo that was maybe five mins. from Key West one night, but ended up staying in another condo that was right on the beach for the rest of the vacation. We tried out lots of different restaurants! We got to walk around and go shopping on Duval Street, (I also got a huge python thrown around my neck and a bird on my shoulder as we were walking downtown). We visited the board walk, and got to see a lot of different stunts take place (I was also in one of the stunts). We got to go to the beach which is where we saw our two of our friends from back home, Andrew and Travis (They were staying in Marathon). We went to the pool everyday.. that was on the beach. We also went kayaking in the rain and got to go through mangroves. It was a great time! The ride wasn't that bad, luckily we had a van that had dvd players so we stopped at Sam's and bought Forgetting Sarah Marshall and What Happens in Vegas. On the way back we rented Fired Up and Gran Torino (Amazzzzzing movie). We also stayed in St.John's near Jacksonville for our last night and went to go see the movie Year One, which really wasn't all that funny.. then we came home!

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