Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hey, I never knew..

I think I have found the best magazine! It's Southern Living! I know what your thinking... isn't that about the south, old people, country/antique style, and blah blah blah.. eww! Well, that's kind of what I thought.. until.. I went to our local library which has a basket of give away magazines that you can bring and take. Someone dropped off a whole bunch of really good magazines including Southern Living, I was kinda of like nahh, I'll pass, but I ended up taking a few (I should have taken them ALL). When I got home I started flipping through it, it had Florida beaches to Asheville N.C. mountains, beautiful little gardens, decorating, places to visit in the south.. I was like wow! I really like it, it shows the real south.. except it did say one of the best smaller towns in the south were Beaufort, they are wrong! Hah, but it's nice to know they are talking about my home town. So if you haven't flipped through this wonderful Southern Magazine, go out & buy one today! (Maybe you will want to try out some of their small towns listed).

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