Saturday, August 15, 2009

Muscadine Season..

Yummy, let's talk about one of my favorite's apart from cherries! It's Muscadine Grapes, also known as Bull Grapes .. When we go to Charleston, there is a Grape Farm on Hwy 17 in Ravenal, S.C. You can pick your own Bull's for a $1.75 Lb. or buy a basket full, which is what we do, they are usually anywhere priced from $13-$25 a basket. You can get them in green or purple, but you have to wait later in the month for the little purples. You can get them between August and September. We have two vine's that we bought from Lowe's growing on our garden fence, they are getting bigger in size now that they have been there for two years. We aslo have wild one's in our yard, which makes a good snack when your cutting grass or playing in the yard. They are just so fun to eat.. they are nice and tasty! If you haven't had this Southern Grape, come to the South and get a basket full, you'll love em'!

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