Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Such a funny squirrel!

On Sunday Max went to the doggie costume party downtown at Hemingways and guess what? He won!! He had the scariest, yet cutest costume. (He was a squirrel by the way). He won a big rope toy, so I think he's pretty happy. He was running around with it all day. There were some other cute dogs, but I didn't get to take any really good pictures of them- there was a bumble bee, tootsie roll, sailor, devil, ghost, princess, and of course a pumpkin! They were all so cute, and I believe all dogs won a little something. It was being hosted to help "Chain Free" dogs in South Carolina. They also had bobbing for bones, they had doggie cup cakes, doggie shots (without the alcohol), children activities, hot dogs and burgers were $2, and they also had a silent auction. I really hope they raised some money that day, cause I'm not for dogs being chained up!

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