Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick o Treat!

Happy Halloween
So instead of being little red riding hood and the wolf, my boyfriend decided to be Dracula, and I was a zombie, along with my brother, his girl friend, and two of his friends. (So I guess we were really a 'pack' of zombies). My mom was a WITCH! She is one every year, but mannn she does it like no other witch I've seen! It was a long day, my mom and I went to yard sales, Good Will, Salvation Army, Red Door.. pretty much everywhere trying to find cheap, crappy, zombie makin' clothes. We ended up finding a few things, My brother's girlfriend and I were house wife zombies, so we dressed in pajama's and bathrobes (sprayed with blood! and smudged with dirt!). We were going to dress my brother and his friends in dresses.. but they chickened out cause my boyfriend wouldn't do it. So they just dressed in white shredded bloody clothes. By the end of the night you couldn't tell if my brother were a zombie or a dirty stripper boy! His friends ripped off his shirt so he was walking around pretty much topless the whole night.
Trick o Treating wasn't that bad, we got some candy.. but this year it just seemed like everyone was done by 8-8:30ish.. and all the little kids got handfuls of candy, as for us, we only got one or two pieces. :( But oh well, we still had a pretty fun night.
Well, I hope everyone else had a fun and safe Halloween!

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