Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh Asheville

Asheville is everything I needed.
-I went up to Asheville with my boyfriend, Jason to go spend some time with his sister, Becky and her hubby, Brad. They were a lot of fun! (They own most, if not all, the jumpers you see in mall's). The first night we took it easy and just played Air Hockey and Pool and ate some taco's (mine was a veggie taco, of course). And watched some tv and just caught up with them (Jason's mother and her friend were also there visiting).
-The next day
Jason and I went on the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopped at the overlooks, took some pictures, went on an hour long hike that took us no where, had to turn around on the south side of the Blue Ridge Parkway cause of fallen rocks, so we went the north way, got some Cajun peanuts, stopped at a river and ate our nuts. Then finished up on the Parkway. After that we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner with his sister. Rented a movie. And it was off to bed.
-They next day we went to church (which I was fearing, but turned out to be fun, lots of singing was involved). After church we went to this amazing Chinese buffet called Asiana's. After lunch we went and got a big blow up ball that fits two people, we blew that up, and rolled it down a hill. (It was pretty exciting)! Later on that night we ordered Little Cesar's Pizza! Yummy. And since everyone was tired we all just watched TV.
-The next day we had to leave Asheville.. it was a sad feeling. But we headed for some waterfalls in Hendersonville. We saw three beautiful waterfalls , it took three to four hours to see them all but it was worth it! On the way to the top of our last waterfall this nice guy let us take pictures on his horse. After that we headed back home.. with the mountains disappearing as we left.. I always get a sad feeling when I leave the mountains, but hopefully i'll be going back in the Spring!

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