Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Christmas Treasure!

One thing I have to thank my mother for is showing me the beauty in old *vintage* fashion ornaments. She has been collecting them for years, and through the years I have gain love for them, and I as well, have started my own collection. I found these lovely beauties at a Thrift Store in Charleston SC. the other day. They were only $1.49 and I believe the three pink ones were like .10 .. what a buy! Plus they are American made! I love them! I especially love the turquoise ones ♥ . A few years ago my mom, her sister, and I went to this Thrift Store near Orlando FL. and we found tons of old ornaments, they were beautiful And in great shape! I am just on this rampage to find more more more old ornaments! Hopefully when we go back to Orlando, that thrift store will have them again..

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