Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Florida is the place to be..

There's just something about Florida that makes you feel good. I don't know if it's the weather, the smell, the people, the St. Augustine grass, or all the Publix's.. but I feel good every time I go down there to visit! Even during the summer, when it's dreadfully hot, it still feels way better then South Carolina. I guess cause Florida has a breeze, and it also rains some part of the day for ten-twenty minutes, then it's sunny again.
-Anyways, this time I went down there with my mom, to visit my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and my Uncles girlfriend to give them all of their Christmas presents. It was really nice seeing everyone. I just love being close to family. But while we were down there, my mom and I went to a few Yard Sales then to some thrift stores to search for Old Vintage Ornaments, we found a few but they were your average vintage colored bulbs. The next day my Aunt Renee' took us to Tony's which is an amazing Pizza/Italian Restaurant, I ordered their tasty pasta, which comes with a salad, my mom and Aunt ordered a mushroom pizza. It was all just so good! Then she took us to a Flea Market, that I had been wanting to go to the whole day, when we got out of the car we hit our first outside ( I guess booth ) and as I was walking I spotted ORNAMENTS! It was like a gift from the Santa God or something. Then my mom started going through this guys junk.. it was just soo much fun! We didn't even have time to go through the other booths. We even went inside their moving truck (Which they were unloading) to find things. My mom found a lot of fun antiques, and the price ending up coming out to only $50 for all this amazing stuff. Wow!-
The next day my Aunt Debbie took us to the same thrift store (that my mom and I had went to a few days before and got the colored bulbs from) and guess what? There were more vintage bulbs! They were beautiful. I think it's funny cause my mom said "It's going to take you a while to find your collection of vintage bulbs". Ha ha, I guess you were wrong mom!
I can't wait to go back to Florida. I would really like to just spend a week, and go to thrift stores, and fle markets, try some hole-in-the-wall restaurants.. and just have a great time!

(If you know of any really good places to go, please let me know)

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