Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fabulous Finds!

Bunny lamp only $3!
I went to a few yard sales today, but the best ones were in Battery Point! It was a community yard sale, everyone was having yard sales on their porches and lawns, and let me just say, it was fun! My mom and I found some really cute things! Like this mermaid we are going to give as a gift to my dad! She was only a $1, and she's from Mexico! She was probably my favorite thing we got, ha ha. I got (4) of these beautiful hand blown wine glasses (From Mexico) and (6) of the blue rimmed hand blown glasses for only $10!My mom got (4) of these miniature hand blown cordial glasses used for liqueur, she got (4) of the hand blown wine glasses, and she got (8) of the gorgeous antique-ish wine glasses for only $13!My mom got these (4) tea cups, with saucers for only $2! They are from Mikasa-
These wedges and sandals were only $1! I can't believe it! The wedges were made in Spain, and the purple sandals are from Gap.
Food of the day:Beans with fresh tomato's and avocado


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

such fantastic finds! i love the purple sandals. your food looks fab! yumm!

-Sam I Am- said...


I'm so glad you commented on my site, so now I can keep up with yours! It's adorable. VERY cute! Let me know how you like the new Sex and the City movie.


Sara Szatmary said...

OH my gosh! LOVE the bunny lamp! Great finds!

Valerie said...

The bunny lamp is so cute! Great finds!