Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's just a blue thing..

I really love the color blue.. it's just a relaxing, beachy, happy color- And in this blog post I wanted to show you the recent things I've gotten that just happen to be blue. Such as-
This wonderful blue stemware I got for only $2 each (I bought four). From Tj Maxx, who knew they would carry somthing like this!

There's a little label on it, and it looks like it says "LL", but I'm not really sure. If you know this label please share, I would love to see other things made by this company!

Next is a cute blue top I got for only $7.99! (At Tj Maxx). I like it cause it's just so girly, and beachy. Just a quick shirt to throw on while I head out to meet the girls for a nice lunch or something. *I'm sorry that I don't take great pictures of myself in clothes by the way*. But this is a really cute top.
And last .. is Herbal Essence Moisturizing Shampoo! I am in lust with it! I usually use their Volume Shampoo, but I just thought I'd try this one out. It smells just like the beach! .. When I say the beach I really mean that tanning oil that smells like coconuts, mmm! It actually gave my hair a little more volume, and added moisture. So I think it's my new Shampoo for the summer.

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Kristin said...

LOVE the Maxx...I find a ton of fab home goodies there. That glasses rock!