Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New York Trip..

Hey everyone! I got back on Tuesday from New York. It was a verrry long drive, but it was worth it!
We got there late 5pm. on Saturday, a long day stuck in traffic- but at least we made it! We saw my Great Grandma at her house for few mins, but he we just had to get to our hotel to rest from such a long day! Ha funny story with the hotel, it was being renovated (Thanks for posting that on your site damn hotel). That night we ate at this really tasty pizza place called A Mangiare' Pizzeria, I got yummy spaghetti, mom got pizza. Then we went and got some beer from the neighborhood mart.
The next day was my Great Grandma's Birthday Party! We got ready then went to Antun's which was two mins away, so that was nice. Antuns is a brunch buffet for weddings, parties, baby showers, whatever! There were many parties going on at the time, all in different parts of the building. It was a really cute set-up: Every party gets up and goes to this amazing buffet filled with breakfast food like sliced ham, croissants, waffles, fresh fruit, salads, then lunch foods like salads, pastas, warm dishes, and then you get dessert, amazing dessert, all types of cakes, jello, cookies.. it was just great! While we were eating, they were serving orange juice, and mimosa's! Of course I preferred the mimosa's over the orange juice :) so I, along with the table next to me kept asking for refills. Ha ha. Nothing like getting a little tipsy at Great Grandma's party! We met a lot of people some were family that we didn't know, and other's were friends of Grandma's. I'm so glad she had a lot of people there to celebrate this amazing day! We all sung Happy Birthday, which was happy and sad at the same time, it's just so great that she made it to 100! After that we stopped at a real bakery, filled with the most amazing desserts! We bought Grandma some goodies! Then it was off to tour the Village of Sleepy Hollow. We went to the cemetery of Sleepy Hollow, then to the Hudson River, and then to this place where baby geese were to take pictures!
Then it was back off to Grandma's. We went there ate some of those goodies we got at the bakery. She has this house keeper/ helper named Julia, she's from Poland! She is the cutest little woman I think I have ever met! She is just so energetic, it's crazy.. and guess what? She's 80 years old! The whole time we were there she just wanted to feed us! Ha ha. After Grandma's we went to this other restaurant. I got Ravioli, Minestrone Soup, and beer. My mom got pizza, again.
The next day was just sad.. really really really sad. We started our day off by going to the Eastern Orthodox Church that my Great Grandma used to go to. Let me just say, the churches in New York are breath taking! I'm not religious in any way, but this church was just so en-powering, and beautiful. You could just feel God there. I know it sounds silly but that's how I felt. I lit a candle with my mom and then we took a few mins to breathe it all in. After the church we were going to go to the cemetery to see where my Great Grandfather was buried, but it was just too sad for my mom and Aunt. So we went back to Great Grandma's. My Uncle had to say his good bye's first cause he was leaving on a plane, let me just say, he did the ugly cry.. and later on that day, my mom, Aunt, and I were going to do the ugly cry and then some! But before the ugly cry- my mom and I walked to the Pizzeria down the street, yeah, my mom got pizza AGAIN, I ended up going to another pizza place a block away (with a pizza box in my hand from the pizza place across the street) to get a tasty Cesar salad! We went back to my Great Grandma's house, ate our pizza then had to say our good byes. It was very sad saying our good byes, my Aunt said it first then left as fast as possible, it was just my mom and I left to say ours to my Great Grandmother and then to Julia who was also crying! I just felt so bad leaving, seeing her cry like that is just so heart breaking to me. She just kept saying this is the last time.. and I don't want it to be! Luckily Julia was there to watch over her.. and hopefully God was, too. I love her soo much, she is just the most amazing woman I know. If she wants to leave, I hope God gives her that wish. It's sad, but she wants to go home.
Hopefully we will see her one last time, if not many more-
Happy Birthday Great Grandma!

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stephanieee said...

you looked super cute in that white dress! and i love the old pic of your great grandma:) old pics like that are so cool!

and that pizza! ahh looks deeeelish:)