Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Soon you will be receiving a surprise"..

It finally came, a gift from the Photography God, a brand new Nikon D-3000! It came out of no-where! It was really a gift .. a very expensive one at that- But I went to Charleston with the parents, for my Father's Doctors App. (everything is good, they just upped his prescription). After that we went to a few stores, the last one being Target. I couldn't really find anything until we got to the electronics- my mom went to the skin care section.. and I was about to follow her until I saw it! The Nikon was on sale for $499.99 (Lens included) then for an extra $120.00 it came with the 52-200 mm! So with that, and tax it came out to being $623.. :) Great deal, hopefully. But I couldn't really test it out today cause it was raining the wholeee day. But I still played with it, it's a lot different from all the other camera's I've had, and it's a lot bigger .. which makes me happy. (Even if I can't take really good pictures, I'll still look professional).
I'll have to post some pictures very soon-
If you have any tips on what the best settings are etc. it would really help- Thanks.

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Nadine said...

Oh I'd love to have one of those...