Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's all come together..

And save the Hermit Crabs.. Hunting Island is having a problem, and that problem has to deal with tourist, and Hermit Crabs.. can you guess what's wrong? Well the tourist that come to Hunting Island like to pick up shells, pretty shells, those pretty little shells just happen to be homes for millons of Hermit Crabs. Even worse, some of those shells that people like to pick up, might have little crabs in them! The tourist are killing them.. it's just really sad cause nobody cares anymore about wildlife. What happen to leaving nature alone? One of my friends who was surfing one early morning was telling me this woman was walking along the water with a pale in her hand, he realized she was picking up Sand Dollars that were still alive, and putting them in her pale, filled with BLEACH! Can you believe that.. when he asked her what she was doing, she said " I like to use them as decorations around my house ".. If you do live near a beach, or decide to visit one, you can pick up shells, but make sure to reeeally look inside.. or better yet, just look at how beautiful they are, and leave them, they are someone's home.

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