Sunday, June 20, 2010

To all the Father's out there..

Happy Father's Day!
I have to say that my dad is one of the best dad's out there! He's always been there for me, my brother and my mum. He works very hard everyday to support all of us.. (and I feel bad for that cause I should be on my own). But he doesn't care, he loves me, and he has always told me to just stay home and save money. He knows how to do everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything! He knows everything from building a house, to being the master chef in the kitchen.. lol he might not know how to do laundry very well, but he wont let you know that! He has taught me so much in the past twenty years, yes some of those years were hard and still are, but in the end, he was only hard on me because he loves me and he wants me to know how to do everything on my own for when he's not around. He trully is a nice man, he loves to talk to everyone, he loves to fish, he is a man that loves animals and would never hurt them (He better not!), he is one hell of a cook! He's funny, ocasionally when I'm not finding him annoying.. lol but I really love my dad, even if he is a butt-head sometimes!
For Father's Day we went out on the river, my Dad took my Mum, our dog Max, and I to this private beach (there were only three other boats, but they were down the beach) while him and my brother went fishing. My mom and I tanned, and swam while Max chased all the birds and went kept jumping in the water, it was just really relaxing. When my Dad and Brother got back we all went swimming, it was soo much fun! Then we went on a walk through the dunes.. and guess what we found! Beautiful speckeld bird egss, and on another dune, there were two baby birds! It was trully amazing to be out in nature like that. I just love the south, it honestly doesn't get any better then being out on the river for Father's Day!


Melissa said...

Aw I love these pics! Looks like such a great day!

dulci said...

these are sooo beautiful!

I love south carolina :)