Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nothing like good ol' Shrimp and Sweet Tea!

Tonight is the Waterfestival Lowcountry Supper, which consist of: tasty corn on the cob, shrimp, sausage, cole slaw, yummy watermelon, and your choice of Sweet Tea, or Lemonade. It was $15 to get in (that is if you wanted the supper, $10 if you just wanted to get in, and see the band). I found them both kind of pricy, but luckily Matt, who I went with, had tickets, so I got in for free! At the supper, you got to watch a live band, eat, come across old pals you used to hang out with back in the day, and the best part was the "Whistlers"! Your probably wondering what that is.. well, it's people who dress up, paint their belly's, put a trash can on their head, and move their hips, and whistle! As seen in the picture, it's really neat how they do it! And they are so good at it, too! I had a really great time!

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