Monday, July 5, 2010

The perfect ring..

I am loving rings right now! I don't know why, maybe it's because of my Mum's gorgeous cocktail ring collection she has, or maybe it's because of all the beautiful rings I saw at the Flea Market in Fl.. or is it just because I'm a girl, and that's what I should be loving? Well either way, I thought I would show you all these gorgeous rings I found- The Dancing Queen Cocktail Ring from Tracy Porter is $52-The Gold Finger Candy Ring with Turquise Beads from Skinng is $55- The Gold & Pearl Ring from Multi Chic is $75- The Red Cocktail Ring from Forever 21 is $6.80. If you know of any places to find rings like these, please share! I'm always looking for the right ring.


this free bird said...

Kristin - these are just superb. And the price of the f21 is ridiculously amazing!! I got one of these on sale for super cheap at j.crew once...I'm always scanning their sale jewelry looking for a good deal. Not the most creative idea, but it's all I've got! xoxo-Carrie

Tillie said...

LOVE these rings! I found some really quirky rings in Galveston that are so fun to wear. I need more though.