Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eat Pray Love..

I went and saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love today with my mom, and I really liked it! It actually made me learn a little, you have to find yourself... you can't make anyone else happy until you can make yourself happy.
She went to some beautiful places! It really makes me want to get off this computer, and go see the world like she did! And try some amazing food, and meet wonderful people, and maybe even find that special someone.
You all should definitely go see it!
Did I mention James Franco is like the sexiest man in the world! .. Okay maybe not the whole world, but damn, he comes close!

Food of the day- Potato Leek Soup, one of my moms specialties!


Kristen said...

I loved it too! I came straight home and started reading the book again.

Taylor said...

I was reading a little bit about James Franco...he is basically a Renaissance Man! He does everything! He acts, he writes, and he's going to Yale for a masters degree in English, I believe. And he's gorgeous on top of it.

fearless said...

I'm going to see it today with my best friend! I love love loved the book so I'm very excited to see the film interpretation.


Agreed about James, but Javier is ultimate. SSSSSHHHHH don't let my husband know, so does Barack. LOL.

Lisa xx

style'n said...

I enjoyed the movie too especially the beautiful scenery and the food!