Thursday, August 19, 2010

That's something new-

Mmm, I just wanted to show you all a little dessert that my friend Chelsea and I shared tonight- Reese's Cheese Cake! It was so tasty! I usually never ever go out for dessert but tonight we got treated by our good friend Andrew. He is just so sweet! He orded a banana smoothie "It's not even on the menu, that's how good it is". He has a way with words.. but it was a really tasty smoothie! What's your favorite kind of dessert after dinner?


Taylor said...

Aw this looks so fun! Dessert is the perfect end to a meal, isn't it? Whoever thought of dessert was brilliant. Hmm, so as for my favorite...I have a few...I'd have to go with key lime pie, cherry pie, and pound cake are a few of my favorites! Always accompanied with a cup of tea or cofffee!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Anything chocolate for me!

Jessica said...

Umm this looks delicious! My favorite dessert has always been cheesecake, in any shape, form, or flavor! I don't discriminate!