Friday, September 3, 2010


The weekend is finally here! I hope everyone has a great Labor Day! And please be safe.. I know South Carolina is known for heavy drinking, and driving on Labor Day Weekend- I'm not sure about other states. Luckily, I wont be here, i'm spending my Labor Day in Fl. :) Soaking up the sun one last time!
What do you guys plan on doing?


fearless said...

Where at in FL?!
I might be going out on the boat with my boys family. But I probably end up working, catching up on homework, and packing for the move next wee.

Effi said...

I'm not leaving in US but I still enjoy the weekend(: great blog you have!
I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

-Sam I Am- said...

So jealous! I love florida. take me?!

I will be celebrating by working (blah.. gotta earn that money though!) then sunday I will travel to Oklahoma to visit family. Can't wait to hear all about your labor day adventures!