Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feebee my love ..

Meet Feebee, she is soft and cuddly, licks when loved, and drools when she's happy. Her paws are made of velvet, her eyes are as green as a lime, her whiskers can go for miles and miles. Whistle and she'll be at your side in matter of seconds. She is not only a cuddler, she's my best friend. Did I mention she loves to be infront of the camera?

Do you have a kitty?
Tell me what you love about him or her.
 I love cat people ♥


Jodi said...

What a lovely cat. And my fav is the black and white tuxedo cat so we also have that in common...!! we have 1 cat , her name is DEZE and she is colored almost the same except she has a black nose and short fur. She is 13 going on 14... and is my bestest friend tooo. although she doesnt seem to have much modelling skills. She darts out of the way just as I go to click the shutter and I am SURE she does it on purpose!!

GREAT photos cutie pie!! oxo j

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

What a cute kitty! I have a pretty gray cat named Tucker who loves to snuggle :)

Amy said...

Ohhhh Feebee! What a lovely description you have written about her! She's quite the cutie! Can't wait to see you Saturday love!

Jessica said...

she's so pretty!!

I have 2 cats at home, Grace and Shadow and one stray cat that has recently made my door step its new home that I named Fiona.

Jessica said...
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Ana* said...

Your Feebee is lovely. I don't have a cat but I REALLY "really" wish I had one. I will get one when I get my own apartment.