Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Misfits!

Yay! I did my 'first' 5k Mud Run, our team was in fourth place, there were five teams.. let's just say it wasn't fair! The three teams were Army, Marines, and the Fire Department! How is that like fair?! They run 10 miles a day, come on, give the lazy people a break! Oh and let's not forget, they were all dressed in the same uniforms, ha ha! Anways we ran it in 45 mins! -Not bad for being firt timers. The mud was so fun, we had to get on our knee's and go under rope/caution tape, then we had to run a 20-25 ft. ditch that was filled, (we kinda got stuck in that, and it smelt soo bad!), then we had to go over a log.. then a wall! And finally we ran through the mud pit, (I face plowed it),and we all got pretty much got stuck, but we held hands, and made it across! Great team support! Then we all had to hose off in the freezing cold water, then Jaimie wanted to go play in the mud, so we did that, had people take videos and pictures of us, then we had to hose off again, in the freezing cold water! As of right now, my ankle is in pain, my knees are aching, my throat is sore.. I'm ready for a drink! I hope all of you are having a great weekend!

Have you ever ran a in a mud run?

Oh yeah and in March they are having another one, I will be practicing for sure!


Jodi said... are sooo dirty!! I love it.. great photos and boy you had some heavy competition girl!!
lol I love your description.. so great that you did this race.. I love it!!

now have lots of drinks to ease the stiffness from the run, and another drink because it was unfair competition and another drink because its the weekend.. etc.. hah hah

Hazel Schreiner said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like loads and loads of fun!!! I wish I had motivation to go for and run, never mind a mud run!! Although too much fun!

:) Hazel
Hazel Loves Design

Jess said...

How cool! I have been wanting to do this! Now I just have to find people crazy enough to do it with me! And the people who won was DEFINITELY unfair, although to give them credit they probably deserved it for all they do!

Amy said...

Oh I loved watching you! I have some awesome pictures of you :) I'll work on them tomorrow after school!

P.s. You're featured on my blog!
Love you! Hope you had fun today! I'm so jealous that I didn't make it.

vintch said...

Hi Kristen:) I'm a new follower to your awesome blog (found you through the lovely Amy!) Just wanted to pop in and say HI and tell you how excited I am to read the rest of your posts. Your day looks like such fun! Sometimes it's great to just let your hair down and be a little grungy with the boys:)

Jessica said...

This looks like soo much fun! You are very brave. I'm not sure if I could do this or not, but I want to!