Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Friday-

So I met up with one of my friends, Amy; from photography class, downtown tonight! We went around for an hour, took some pictures and talked. Then we went to Nippy's, we have both been dying to go there, and since neither of us have ever been, we went!  I got a tasty flounder sandwich, she got shrimp slider sandwich, with a whole basket of fries, it was soo good! While we were eating, we were doing the whole talking, and getting to know each other thing. We had out own little band playing for us, it was really nice, the atmosphere really reminded me of the Florida Keys. ( Which is my favorite place to be, so that means I'll be going to Nippy's more often!) - and I'll be bringing my new friend along, too! After dinner, we went walking along the waterfront, and took pictures of the bridge.. unfortunately when I got home, they were all blurry! But if you check out Amy's Blog you can see how her awesome pictures turned out!
I am trying something new, buildings.. kinda unique, and remember "to always look up"!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Hazel Williams said...

It looks like fun! The building shots are definitely interesting! The 'always remember to look up' bit reminds me of a funny story, the other week I was driving across a bridge to the peninsular when a couple of pelicans drove above me, so I looked up to admire how beautiful they are, minutes later some more pelicans flew over me and POOPED on my car, not just a small poop, one that covered the entire roof and bonnet, not so cute anymore. LOL!!! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!
:) Hazel
Hazel Loves Design

Jodi said...

I like the buildings shots.. and thats so great you can have photography dates and go hang around with your cameras.. I am on the wait list for January class.. cant wait!!
xx j

Leah said...

Oh I want to go on a photography date!!! Amazing pics doll!


Amy said...

I love your building shots! They look great! I had such a great time! We must do it again, soon!

Eva said...

I like the nice contrast of the sharp textured buildings against the bright sky :)
ain't photography fun.