Friday, December 17, 2010

Things do happen..

Okay everyone, here's another story I haveeee to tell you all about-
It all started when I was in Day Care, I had a best friend, we did a lot of stuff together, and I remember going to her house a few times. Unfortunately, we ended up going to different schools, and lost contact.
Well recently I was with my mum, and I brought my friend up, If only I had remembered her first and last name I told her! I always wondered what happened to her.. and my mum just remembered they lived in Pleasant Point, and drove a Blue Volkswagen Beetle Bug Car. Well lately one of my really good friends, (who I have been friends with for the past few years), keeps coming back home from school to be with her father who has Cancer. (Please Pray for her and her family, that's all I ask you guys to do). Anyways, every time she comes home, I always see her, and we always go to the bars and just have fun. But she really needs to be with her father, so we wont be seeing each other as much.. any who, I was talking to my mum about her father, and my dad walked in, and asked what his last name was, and where he had worked. When I told him, he made the comment that his daughter used to be my best buddy in Day Care! I really didn't think about it.. how could it be, all these years I've been looking for her, and she has been here the whole time! I immediately texted her, and asked here all these weird questions, she probably thought I was crazy. But when I said we used to be friends she just said "Crazy", It's a small world!" I finally found my old Day Care buddy! It's crazy how things like that happen in life. I am truly grateful to have her in my life. She's a great person, she's so fun to be with, and she always has the biggest smile on her face!


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely amazing!! I will pray for her family and her! Xoxoxo

Jodi said...

Hey!! I love this story. .and I just recently had something similar happen. I worked with someone in Africa many years ago and we then went off to work in other countries.. I got a letter a couple of years later but then lost contact.

Just 1 week ago I got a facebook request from this person. I had always wondered where they were and what they were doing.. .and now after 12 years they found me... so awesome.. and we have been emailing back and forth catching up.. is totally fun!!!

your pics are getting better and better too... so inspiring!! I have a photo walk today as my last class for the photography course.. but is sooo cold out..what will I do???? brrr :)