Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello Extreme Makeover!

Guess who's in my town!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in my town! I think it's really neat how they are here! They were in Savannah, GA. last month, but who knew they were making their way to good ol' Beaufort. I have a few friends that volunteered last night, and some more that are volunteering today. I wish I could have volunteered, but unfortunately I am making-over-my-room right now..
I hear that they demolished it yesterday, and last night they were putting down the slab already! Today they got the frame of the house up -man do they move fast!
 It would have been so neat if they came and redid my parents house! I have lived in an unfinished house my whole life! My dad does construction as a career, so it's really hard for him to go to work, then go back to his house, and work on it. But since I'm not working right now, I thought it would be best to help out on the house, starting with my bedroom. (We did just get the ceiling to the kitchen done, but I don't want to show you guys photo's just yet, till all the lights are in.) But my room is going quite fast, I had mudded my walls, cocked certain places, and now I'm getting ready to paint my walls! I can't wait for it to be finished! It's going to look so different, just wait and you will see!
But back to the Extreme Makeover, I'm sure the family needed it more then us. I heard that one of the children got mold poisioning from living in the house, and now she has breathing problems. How horrible! How could you even live in a place like that is what I want to know... what if the other kids have it? She should have got them out of there! I guess it's a good thing they got picked! But I can't wait to see what it looks like! I will keep you guys posted-

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Mo Pie, Please said...

That's really cool! Several years ago, they came to Rose Hill, KS which is a suburb of Wichita, where I grew up. There was an explosion in a home out there, leaving the rather large family homeless. They came and saved the day!