Monday, January 31, 2011

I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you..-Keith Urban

How cute are these necklaces from HandyMaiden on! I was thinking of things I would want for Valentines Day, and I came across these necklaces, I really love the Owl! They are all under $27 which isn't bad for a handmade necklace, they are just too cute!

And if you don't like necklaces, she also makes the cutest little animal figurines, such as these cute little Polar Bears, which are $15.


Amy said...

I'd like to know who your Valentine may be? Hmmm...I can't imagine!
We need to have another date so you can dish out all of these Nutt secrets that I still have yet to hear.
I miss youuuu!
Love you darling!

maggeygrace said...

Oh my gosh! These ARE sooooo cute! I love the polar bears- they're so cute! And then the owl is adorable...they're all precious!