Thursday, February 17, 2011

There's a full moon out on that river..

I'll take you to Factory Creek..
So tonight I went out with my good ol' friend, Amy, for a little girls night. Unfortunately, the other girls weren't there, but that's okay, sometimes I need my Amy time. We had some great conversations, we couldn't even order cause we couldn't stop talking! I just love her, we can talk about anything, and we can stuff our mouths while we do it! She got stuffed Flounder, which I totally forgot to take a picture of! -Opps! I got Catfish, with Asparagus, and Red Potatoes, the Entree' also came with a tasty salad, with little Shrimpies on it, it was sooo good! And Amy ordered a basket of Hush Pup's, Thanks Amy! The food was delicious, our scenary was gorgeous, and the service was great. I really recommend you go if you ever visit Lady's Island!

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