Monday, March 7, 2011

Girls+lunch=.. a fabulous time!

So this past weekend, the girls and myself went out for lunch at Plums. We were in dying need to have girl time! We always have such a great time! We talk about anything- and everything. "We are so like the Sex and the City girls". Of course we had a few drinks, ate our tasty lunch, and chatted. I just love all of them!

Bud. Cranberry Vodka, Rum & Pineapple, and a Bloody Mary.
Kelsey & Jessica
Me & Amy.
Mmm, my Tuna Salad Sandwich.
Fried Shrimp.
Fried Oyster Sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries.

This is where Amy turns into a little Devil and puts a Salt Life sticker on her boyfriends truck, you as why is that so bad? .. Well he really hates Salt Life. Heh, we think it looked great on his truck! - It matched his 'new' Fire Chief sticker!

After she did that, we took a ride to where her man was, and surprised him, we also showed him what Amy did, ha ha! He was like 'oh hell no'! But I think he's going to keep it once he sees how good it looks. Did I mention we got to take a picture in front of the Fire Truck :)

Aren't we so cute :)


Kerr said...

your lunch and cocktails look great!

Mo Pie, Please said...

You ARE cute! Glad you had fun with your girls - our foursome is getting back together next week and i can not wait! One just had a baby, one has been in England visiting family for a while plus is super busy with work/research and the other has moved away but is coming to visit. We're all craving quality time together so so bad, I can't wait to uncork the wine and let the fun begin!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

You guys are sooooooooooo cute! It's always a lot of fun to destress with the girlfriends. I just met up with my best friend from the sixth grade over the weekend. We were best of friends until I was in Sophomore when I moved away. It was a whole lotta fun seeing her after 14 years! Have a great week sweetie!

Vintage is for Lovers said...

Love! I miss my best friends! We have been best friends since the 1st grade and all live in different states all across the country. When we do get together we have marathon eating adventures filled with yummy cocktails, just like yours! How fun! xo Samantha

Jess said...

mmmm those sweet potato fries look amazing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

such a great day!