Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's hard saying goodbye...

My dear friend lost her father today..
I'm not going to say it's a sad day, cause it's not; the sun is out, the weather is nice, flowers are blooming. It is hard to say good bye to someone that was once soo close to you. I could only imagine what she's going through. I wish I could take her pain away..
I want to tell her, your father is not gone, he is still here with you; he loves you, and he always will love you. But I couldn't say that to her, she has lost the one man that has loved her, that has been there for her, the one man that actually cared for her. All I can do it try to be a friend, be there for her when she needs me. I wish I could hold her, and make her tears go away.. I want to see her laugh, with that sweet, big, cheesy smile she is oh so good at. This girl is soo caring, so sweet, and she's always there for everyone I know. I love her with all my heart. I want her to know that her father is with God, waiting for his little girl, his son, and his wife. It seems like forever until you will see that special someone, but it's really not. We only have soo many years on this earth, and that day when we pass on, will be a great day.
When I pass on, I want people to smile, laugh, make jokes.. remember the good days. I want beach music playing, I want people eating, and drinking.. maybe a little dancing. Heck, I want a party! I want them to have a great time, I hate seeing people sad, so yeah, if you come to my funeral, get ready to have a great time!


Vintage is for Lovers said...

What a beautiful post! I cannot even begin to imagine the pain of loss. I dread those inevitable moments in my life. She is fortunate to have such a loving and caring friend in you. {and I agree with your party idea, totally!} xo Samantha

Ashley said...

This post is so special....I will pray for your dear friend and her family....may God bless you all! Xoxoxo

Amy said...

It was so hard seeing her like that! But her dad is in a much better place. He seemed like such a great man!

I tagged you in my blog ;)
♥ you!