Monday, April 25, 2011

This one's for you Lou

This one is for Loulu,
 he would have wanted us to take this Monday off to celebrate his going away.
So we did..
We drove out to a private beach far away, where not many people go.
We set up the umbrella, layed out the chairs, turned on some beats, put on some SPF, grabbed a wine cooler, and settled down in the sun for some nice relaxation time.
My dad went on a long beach walk with Max.
Nick threw sand, and mud at me. (Of course I threw it back, there we were acting like kids again..).
Mum actually layed out, and got a little sun.
A boat pulled up close by, they were two drunk older people, listening to some oldddddies, and dancing, having a good ol' time. Another boat pulled up later on around the bend, they were really quiet.
After dad got back from his, what seemed to be three hour walk, mum and I ventured off..
It was nice walking the long, quiet beach, just being in nature is a great place to be.
As we were walking back around the bend, then sun was going down, the Ghost Crabs were coming out, the waves were slightly crashing.. and there was Nick running with Max.
We all watched the sun go down, so pretty.. just what we all needed after this weekend.
I miss you Loulu..


vojacque said...

these are such amazing photos! i love sand dollars and i didn't know crabs can be so cute!

Maggy said...

that sounds like a perfectly relaxing day, an honor I'm sure :)

elledee said...

lovely photos!

Jodi said...

woo hoo hottie!! I wish I could join you.. I need a vacation badly..!!! xoo J