Thursday, May 12, 2011

We'll make it a river day...

Don't you just love those days where you drop everything your doing, and go out on the river?
Well that's exactly what my brother, Anton, my brother's girlfriend, and I decided to do. It was flood tides today, so we went in search of some tailing Reds. We only saw two tails.. they were fairly small. But we did have fun! We went walking in the thigh high water, played in some pluff mud, saw crabs, snails, and lot's of birds, went in search of some new flats, got stuck on top of some marsh..
...Yeah, it was a lot of fun! Did I mention on the start of the day, I was like 'Picture time' and my brother let go out the tiller, and spun us around! He saved Anton from sliding off the boat.. but wow, it could have ended up being bad! Ha ha, so for now on, I wont say 'picture time'!

Doesn't my little brother look like a pro fishing guide.. I'm so proud of him.

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